Affiliation United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
Year Beginning Service 2344
Design Specifications
Ship Type Scout / Escort Hybrid
Length 190 meters
Beam 126 meters
Height 42 meters
Crew 40
Tactical Specifications
Armament 4 Type X Collimated Phaser Array, 2 Photon Torpedo Launchers (Both Forward)
Defenses Deflector Shields
Engineering Spefications
Top Speeds Warp 7.0 (Standard Cruising), Warp 9.0 (Maximum Cruising), Warp 9.7 (Maximum Attainable)
Impulse Engines Two Impulse Systems


(work in progress)

Design Specifications


The Saber class is one of the smallest vessels in general Fleet service. The vessel is also highly modular in nature. This allows smaller independent shipyards to fabricate the major sub-assemblies, which are then shipped to a larger Starfleet facility for final assembly. The independent yards entered into a fierce battle to offer the most competitive advantage, resulting in significant cost savings as well as improved construction and delivery times.


The Saber class was fitted with warp engines and impulse systems to be capable of high speeds along with an extended duration, both of which are important for an escort. they also provide large power reserves for weapons and shields.


As an escort, the Saber class needed to be well-armed. As such she carries four of the new Type X phaser emitters developed for the Galaxy class, as well as two photon torpedo launchers. Their deflector shielding system provides exceptional fire-dissipation rates, allowing the ship to stand-to and hammer it out with far larger vessels.

Computer Systems

Trying to fit the M-13 Isolinear computer system core into the Saber class proved quite a problem. However, the tactical and propulsion systems required this model. They were finally able to do so, but a great deal of storage capability has been removed to allow the core to fit in the space alotted. This is not considered a problem, however, as the ship's computing storage needs are minimal.

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Info and Specs from Ships of the Starfleet, Volume III

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Saber class, The changing face of evil

Saber Class Scout / Escort Hybrid

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Saber Class Scout / Escort Hybrid