Robert Garrett
Full Name Robert Gabriel Garrett
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth 25 May 2343
Place of Birth USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C)
Affiliation United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
Physical Description
Height 2 meters
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Dirty Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Parents Rachel Garrett (Commanding Officer, USS Enterprise-C)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Previous Assignment Commanding Officer, USS Berlin
Current Assignment Currently on an extended leave of absence
Rank Captain
ST: SFO Insignia R3-o6
Rank Insignia History
2359 R-c1
2360 R-c2
2361 R-c3
2362 R-c4

Early Life Edit

Robert Gabriel Garrett was born on the Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) on 25 May 2343. His mother (Captain Rachel Garrett), not wanting him to grow up on a starship, sent him to Earth to live with his grandmother and her children with their families. At the age of ten he met the Sisko family while playing near their restaurant where Benjamin Sisko and Robert became fast friends and soon worked together in Sisko's. When Robert showed a flare for cooking Joseph took him under his wing and began to teach him the secrets of great cooking. While working in the restaurant he met a young woman named Jessica Badeau and the two became inseparable afterwards and began dating. Robert showed a vast understanding beyond his years and excelled in school having the highest marks in all of his classes and even graduated a year earle and still valedictorian of that class. After graduation he and Jessica both enrolled in Starfleet Academy where Robert joined the Command Division while Jessica joined the Science Division. Their relationship continued through their days at the academy.

Starfleet Academy Edit

During his days in the academy he met his mentor Admiral Paulson who took special watch over Robert and attempted to guide him in his own ways. Though he was under the wing of Paulson, Robert was always a man of his own convictions, he was able to stand out as an exceptional young cadet and proved to be as brilliant as some of the most respected graduates. After three years Robert graduated with degrees in Engineering and Astrophysics and then entered the Starfleet Command School.

Starfleet Career and Service Record Edit

Assignments Edit

Previous Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Berlin

Current Assignment: Currently on an extended leave of absence

Rank: Captain

Service Record Summary Edit

  • 2359: Entered Starfleet Academy
  • 2362: After glowing recommendations from his professors, Garrett was permitted to graduate early and was given a commission at the rank of Ensign. Entered Starfleet Command School.
  • 2363: Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, Special Operations Unit. Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  • 2364: Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 2367: Awarded the Medal of Valor for actions at the Battle of Wolf 359 and promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 2368: Reassigned to Starbase 454 for classified assignment
  • 2369: Reassigned to USS Challenger as Operations Officer / Second Officer
  • 2370: Due to extreme circumstances and unwaivering ability to command others, given fast-track promotion to Captain
  • 2370: Reassigned to USS Berlin as Commanding Officer
  • 2371: Placed under investigation by Admiral Alynna Nechayev of Starfleet Command to test competence in his skills of Command
  • 2371: Took an extended leave of absence from Starfleet following a family emergency.