Position Description Edit

The Second Fleet Judge Advocate General Branch Director (JAG, for short) is responsible for the maintaining of order within Star Trek: Second Fleet Online.  The Second Fleet JAG is responsible for making sure that the rules set forth by the founders of the organization are being followed at all times.  Should rules not be followed, it will be up to the JAG to make sure that each member in question goes through the disciplinary process, regardless of who it is.  The Second Fleet JAG will be responsible for convening either an inquiry and / or a general court-martial (depending on the severity of the offense) and will be the sole person that recommends the punishment that will be bestowed upon the member should said member be found guilty of the offense brought against him (final authority rests with the Commander-in-Chief in the event the disciplinary action is dismissal from Star Trek: Second Fleet Online).  The JAG will be responsible for forming the formal Code of Conduct for Star Trek: Second Fleet Online by using what has already been provided and carrying out research to help you out in every way possible. The Second Fleet JAG will be responsible for being the senior officer at the inquiry and / or general Court-Martial along with two other officers of lesser rank / seniority.  The Second Fleet JAG will hold the position of administrator of the ST: SFO forums and be available for forum support and administration when it is needed.  The Second Fleet JAG will also be a senior instructor for the Second Fleet’s Academy Branch in evaluating potential candidates for senior positions within the fleet.  The Second Fleet JAG reports directly to the Deputy Commander-in-Chief.  The Second Fleet JAG is appointed by the Deputy Commander-in-Chief with the consent of the Commander-in-Chief.  The position of Second Fleet JAG is the only position within the Command Council that is NOT part of the Executive Branch of the ST: SFO Government as this officer and its staff run the Judicial Branch of the ST: SFO Government.

General Requirements Edit

The officer holding this position must be generally active unless a leave of absence has been given for personal, emergency, or family reasons.  The member must have at least three months (or more) experience within the RP and hold a senior line officer rank.  Command experience is required for this position as well.  Member can be in a division other than Command, though it is highly encouraged (but not required) that the member transfer to the Command division.  The ability to judge without bias is a must in this case.  This position is virtually and practically the head of the legal system of Star Trek: Second Fleet Online and being able to judge fairly and impartially is essential.

Incentives Edit

Ranks Edit

Minimum Rank Awarded Minimum Optimal Rank Awarded Maximum Optimal Rank Awarded
R3-o6Y3-o6Ya3-o6M3-o6C3-o6 R4-a1Y4-a1Ya4-a1M4-a1C4-a1 R4-a3

(Ranks above Rear Admiral are reserved for COMMAND DIVISION only.)

Other Incentives Edit

  • Administrator on the ST: SFO Forums
  • Member of the ST: SFO Command Council (Voting Member)