James Stone
Full Name James Stone
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12 May 2348
Place of Birth London, England, Earth
Affiliation United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
Physical Description
Height 6 feet, 2 inches
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Parents Lee and Claire Stone
Siblings Two Sisters: Ashley, Haley; One Brother: Zach
Marital Status Single
Previous Assignment Security Officer, USS Berlin
Current Assignment Lead Tactical Officer, USS Indefatigable
Rank Lieutenant, Junior Grade
ST: SFO Insignia Ya3-o2
Rank Insignia History
2366 Y-c1
2367 Y-c2
2368 Y-c4
2373 Y-o2

Early Life and Family Edit

Born in 2348 in the city of London on Earth, James Stone was raised in a moderately-size family where he was the youngest of four children. James' father Lee serves as an officer in Starfleet and was stationed at Utopia Planetia Ship Yards on the planet Mars. James' mother, Claire, though not an officer in Starfleet, works as an administrative assistant in the headquarters of the United Federation of Planets in Paris on Earth. The two older sisters Ashley and Haley, both 4 and 5 years older respectively went to the University of Helsinki to study literature, though Haley transferred to the University of Johannesburg following the end of her sophomore year. James' older brother Zach also joined Starfleet following graduation from high school and currently serves on the USS Magellan.

Starfleet Career and Sevice Record Edit

Assignments Edit

Previous Assignment: Security Officer, USS Berlin

Current Assignment: Lead Tactical Officer, USS Indefatigable

Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Service Record Summary Edit

2366: Entered Starfleet Academy

2368: Given approval for early graduation from Starfleet Academy with a major in Advanced Hand Weapon Training

2368: Assigned to the USS Ajax as a junior Security Officer

2370: Reassigned to the USS Berlin as a junior Security Officer

2373: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade; reassigned to USS Indefatigable as Lead Tactical Officer

Assignment Details Edit

Starfleet Academy (2366-2368) Edit

Though he was only at the academy for three years (when students are typically there for four years), he was able to complete all of his coursework and capstones with ease while also earning his pilot's certification. Many believe that James only got into Starfleet Academy because of his father and brother, but his professors believed that his own merits spoke for themselves when at the academy graduating early as well as graduating with an impressive grade point average.

USS Ajax (2369-2378) Edit

James may not have served on the Ajax for long, but he proved to be a capable security officer. The Ajax commanding officer recommended him for promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, but due to lack of experience and no openings for higher ranks at his next assignment, the promotion was denied.

USS Berlin (2370-2373) Edit

There is not much to report about his experience on the Berlin at this time as he was just reassigned there.

USS Indefatigable (2373-present) Edit