Jacques Marchand
Full Name Jacques Louis Marchand
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth 24 June 2335
Place of Birth Marseilles, France, Earth
Affiliation United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
Physical Description
Height 1.75 meters
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Black / Brown
Eye Color Brown
Parents Unknown
Siblings None
Marital Status Single
Previous Assignment Galley Crew, USS Australia
Current Assignment Head Chef, USS Gambit
Rank Chief Petty Officer
ST: SFO Rank Insignia S2-e7

Biography Edit

Although born in Marseilles, France, Jacques Marchand moved to Chicago, Illinois, Earth with an American-born older cousin who took custody of him after his parents were killed in a freak accident at the Starfleet Research Facility they worked at located near Vichy, France, Earth.

By the age of 3, it was apparent that Jacques was a sort of prodigy child however his behaviour in early school deterred many of his teachers from recommending his advancement to more rigourous schooling and learning.

By the time he was 9 however, it was not possible to keep Jacques in school with other children his own age as he had already surpassed them and was learning at such a fast rate that it was impossible for his teachers to keep up with him. He was transferred to the University of Moscow, Russia, Earth for advanced schooling and training in physics, astronomy, bio-engineering, bio-medical sciences, mathematics, and quantum theory, however his true passion was with ancient Earth history, specifically the 20th to 21st Centuries.

While enrolled at the University of Moscow, he was noticed by several officials from Starfleet who wanted him to be sent to Starfleet Academy. Unfortunately for Starfleet, Jacques had no desire to serve in Starfleet. Many attempts to persudae him failed, only further entrenching himi in his adamant posture of not joining Starfleet.

After graduation at the age of 16, having earned Phd's in Mathematics, Physics, Bio-studies, and History, Jacques returned to his cousins home in Chicago, where after 2 weeks he enlisted into Starfleet, serving on the USS Australia and being assigned to the Galley.

Jacques had purposely performed poorly on the entrance exam so as to be assigned to a menial task or duty. His reason for enlisting into Starfleet was he had no desire to perform any jobs related to his schooling.

Starfleet Career and Service Record Edit

Resigned from Starfleet to pursue happier things.