Position Description Edit

The Second Fleet Commander-in-Chief is the most senior officer within Star Trek: Second Fleet Online and is responsible for the running of the entire organization as head of the Executive Branch of the ST: SFO Government.  The Commander-in-Chief is responsible for the direct supervision of the departments of Operations and Fleet Services. The Commander-in-Chief is also responsible for being the senior diplomat for other role-playing or online game organizations as either an ambassador or a junior or senior member of that organization.  Whether said officer wants to be a junior or senior member or an ambassador is completely up to them.  The Commander-in-Chief will also hold the position of administrator of the ST: SFO Forums and be available for forum support and administration when it is needed.  The Commander-in-Chief will also be a senior instructor for the Second Fleet’s Academy Branch in evaluating potential candidates for senior positions within the fleet.  This member will also be in command of the fleet’s flagship and / or the fleet’s starbase, preferably both (precedence for this has been set with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, so it is highly doable, but most certainly not required).

General Requirements Edit

The officer holding this position must be generally active unless a leave of absence has been given for personal, emergency, or family reasons.  The member must have at least three months (or more) experience within the RP and hold a flag officer rank.  Command experience is required for this position as well.

Incentives Edit

Ranks Edit

Minimum Rank Awarded Minimum Optimal Rank Awarded Maximum Optimal Rank Awarded
R4-a1 R4-a3 R4-a5

Other Incentives Edit

  • Administrator on the ST: SFO Forums
  • Chairman of the ST: SFO Command Council (Non-Voting Member)
  • Direct Overseer of the Departments of Operations and Fleet Services