Position Description Edit

The Second Fleet Chief of Operations is third-in-command over all of Star Trek: Second Fleet Online.  The Chief of Operations’ main responsibility is the overseeing of the fleet, making sure that it is meeting all requirements to remain active.  The Chief of Operations will also be coordinating with members of his or her department in recommending appointments for commanding officers of vessels for when it is time to launch new vessels.  This will be done in conjunction with the Chief and Deputy Chief Superintendent of Shipyards.  The Chief of Operations is one of only two positions in the Command Council where the member does not have to be strictly in the Command division of ST: SFO, though it is highly preferred and encouraged to transfer to the Command division, but that member will not be forced to do so whatsoever.  Though the Commanding and First Officers of the individual vessels will maintain the streamlining of the role-playing within the ships, the Chief of Operations will make sure to see if the ships are maintaining their course in completing their episodes in a timely manner and will cordially remind the senior officers of any ships that may be delinquent of the RP rules of ST: SFO.  The Chief of Operations will hold the position of administrator of the ST: SFO forums and be available for forum support and administration when it is needed.  The Chief of Operations will also be a senior instructor for the Second Fleet’s Academy Branch in evaluating potential candidates for senior positions within the fleet.  The Chief of Operations reports directly to the Commander-in-Chief.  The Chief of Operations is appointed by the Commander-in-Chief.  Again, this position has a Command division preference, but those from Operations / Engineering, Security / Tactical, Medical / Counseling, or Sciences will be allowed without having to change divisions whatsoever until the officer is confirmed for the rank of Vice Admiral

General Requirements Edit

The officer holding this position must be generally active unless a leave of absence has been given for personal, emergency, or family reasons.  The member must have at least three months (or more) experience within the RP and hold a senior line officer rank.  Command experience is required for this position as well.  Member can be in a division other than Command, though it is highly encouraged (but not required) that the member transfer to the Command division.

Incentives Edit

Ranks Edit

Minimum Rank Awarded Minimum Optimal Rank Awarded Maximum Optimal Rank Awarded
R3-o6Y3-o6Ya3-o6M3-o6C3-o6 R4-a1Y4-a1Ya4-a1M4-a1C4-a1 R4-a3

(Ranks above Rear Admiral are reserved for COMMAND DIVISION only.)

Other Incentives Edit

  • Administrator on the ST: SFO Forums
  • Voting Member of the ST: SFO Command Council
  • Supervises the Second Fleet Shipyards