Affiliation United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
Year Beginning Service 2351
Design Specifications
Ship Type Scout
Length 394 meters
Beam 250 meters
Height 134 meters
Crew 300
Tactical Specifications
Armament 3 Type IX Collimated Phaser Array, 2 Photon Torpedo Launchers (Both Forward)
Defenses Deflector Shields
Engineering Spefications
Top Speeds Warp 7.0 (Standard Cruising), Warp 9.0 (Maximum Cruising), Warp 9.4 (Maximum Attainable)
Impulse Engines Two Impulse Systems


Four-nacelle starships are not easy to build, which is why there have been only two designs. The Constellation class offered somewhat of a benchmark for the Cheyenne to use, but calibration still took almost a full year after the lead ship was launched in 2354. The vessel reached a speed of Warp 9.4 before hull stresses reached serious levels.

Design Specifications


The Cheyenne class bears a striking resemblance to her Constellation class forebear. This is deliberate, as the Constellation design worked and the ASDB did not want to "mess with a good thing". The nacelles were specially designed for the Cheyenne, in an attempt to better harmonize the warp fields generated. The primary hull bears a striking resemblance to that of the Galaxy class, though it is much smaller. Some serving on a Constellation would marvel at the new staterooms aboard the Cheyenne. The wide elliptical primary hull allows room size almost 75% larger than those found aboard the Constellation. The sensor, survey, and scientific suites were the most advanced of their time.


Four warp nacelles were added. At it had with the Constellation class, this required the fitting of a larger warp core, which then tied together to provide balanced operations through a unified "H"-shaped intermix chamber system. The Cheyenne's warp enginer has proven to be a highly reliable design - a desirable trait in a deep-range explorer.


The Cheyenne is surprisingly lightly armed considering she is designed to operate so far from support. However, the Frederation of the Cheyenne's time was a far quieter and peaceful place than when the Constellations's plied the spacelanes. Three Type IX phaser arrays and two photon torpedo launchers are carried, along with basic deflective shielding.

Computer Systems

The isolinear-chip based M-13 series of computers were custom built for the Cheyenne class, as the existing duotronic-based M-12 was too large and smaller, earlier models did not have the computing power or storage capacity to meet the stated requirements.

Ships Using This Class in Star Trek: Second Fleet Online

There are no ships of this class in ST:SFO.


Pictures, Info and Specs from Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume III
Ships-Of-The-Starfleet-Vol-3 Page 22

Cheyenne Class Scout, Flying above an Akira Class Cruiser

Ships-Of-The-Starfleet-Vol-3 Page 21

Cheyenne Class Scouts, In Formation