Affiliation United Federation of Planets / Starfleet
Year Beginning Service Late 23rd Century
Design Specifications
Ship Type Destroyer
Length 382 meters
Beam 320 meters
Height 79 meters
Crew 315
Tactical Specifications
Armament 9 Type IX Collimated Phaser Array, 2 Photon Torpedo Launchers (Both Forward)
Defenses Deflector Shields
Engineering Spefications
Top Speeds Warp 7.5 (Standard Cruising), Warp 9.2 (Maximum Cruising), Warp 9.6 (Maximum Attainable)
Impulse Engines Two Impulse Systems


The Centaur was conceived as a vessel that could be constructed by using pre-made stock components that were also utilized in building the older Excelsior-class starships, meaning this ship could be made without the same amount of research and development investment a newer design would entail. As such, many of these vessels were fielded in battle during the Dominion War, as the ships and their components were common enough to be easily rebuilt and replaced. (DS9 episode: "Call to Arms", DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)


Centaur-class vessels crewed 315 officers and crew. The Centaur vessels weighed 870,000 metric tons, measured 381.87 meters in length, 320.16 meters in width and 78.54 meters in height. The Centaur had a warp core power planet rated at over 1,500 cochrane units in output, feeding two warp nacelles. The warp drive was rated for a maximum output of warp factor 9.6 for 12 hours. The ships of the Centaur class were also fitted with two impulse engine reactor plants and emitters.

The Centaur weapons consisted of nine type-9 phaser emitters and 2 photorp launchers.

In the later 24th century, the Centaur-class was slated to continue production at the ASDB Integration Facility at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards shipyards, on Mars. (DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)

Ships Using This Class in Star Trek: Second Fleet Online

There are no ships in ST:SFO using this class.


All Specifications and Pictures were obtained from Memory Beta.

Centaur Class Aft View Picture obtained from Trek Mania.
Centaur Class Aft

Centaur Class Destroyer, Aft View


Centaur Class Destroyer