Position Description Edit

The instructors within the Second Fleet Academy will be different type of positions compared to the rest that are offered.  This position will be mainly done out-of-character and outside of the regular role-playing timeline.  Instructors, depending on their level (senior or junior) will be allowed to evaluate smaller or larger scenarios.  Junior Instructors will not be allowed to evaluate those taking the scenarios by themselves; they must have a senior instructor with them at all times.  Instructors will also need to come up with ideas, on occasion, for scenarios.  All instructors will start out as a junior instructor.

General Requirements Edit

The officer holding this position must be generally active unless a leave of absence has been given for personal, emergency, or family reasons.    Junior Instructors must be at a minimum rank of Lieutenant Commander (full or provisional) and have passed two scenario exams (one diplomatic and one battle).  Should the member appointed to this position not hold a command position, then they will be assigned to their own division.  Otherwise, the member in this position will be in the Command division.  It is preferred that the member has an educational background (completion of college-level education courses, both basic and advanced), but it is not required.  It is also essential that extensive knowledge of the world of Star Trek be clearly evident as well.  To be a Senior Instructor, the member must carry the rank of no less than Commander (whether full or provisional).

Incentives Edit

Ranks for Senior Instructors Edit

Minimum Rank Awarded Minimum Optimal Rank Awarded Maximum Optimal Rank Awarded
R3-o5Y3-o5Ya3-o5M3-o5C3-o5G3-o5 R3-o6Y3-o6Ya3-o6M3-o6C3-o6G3-o6 R3-o7Y3-o7Ya3-o7M3-o7C3-o7G3-o7

Ranks for Junior Instructors Edit

Minimum Rank Awarded Minimum Optimal Rank Awarded Maximum Optimal Rank Awarded
R3-o4Y3-o4Ya3-o4M3-o4C3-o4G3-o4 R3-o5Y3-o5Ya3-o5M3-o5C3-o5G3-o5 R3-o6Y3-o6Ya3-o6M3-o6C3-o6G3-o6